2018 Winter Olympics: Hot curling subjects thanks to beauty like Angelina Jolie

Russian curling athlete Anastasia Bryzgalova attracts curiosity from the audience thanks to the beauty of many movie stars

Russian curling athlete Anastasia Bryzgalova has attracted glances at the 2018 Winter Olympics when it was discovered to have the beauty of movie star Angelina Jolie and Megan Fox.

Russian curling athlete Anastasia Bryzgalova, who recently won a bronze medal in the women’s doubles match with her husband Alexander Krushelnitsky, said that despite being happy to be the subject of beauty and attracting the attention of curious audience but insisted she won the medal is thanks to the talent. “Yes, I am very happy to receive compliments, but the medal is not awarded according to beauty standards”, Bryzgalova said in a recent interview on Russia’s sportbox.ru website.


Earlier, a beautiful 25-year-old Russian athlete became famous on social media through the curling award at the 2018 Winter Olympics when many netizens compared her to cult-like Hollywood actresses Angelina Jolie and Megan Fox. Some netizens also said that they suddenly cared about curling thanks to Bryzgalova’s attractive appearance.

However, only regret is that in the competition, the couple Krushelnitsky and Bryzgalova (who competed as Olympic athletes from Russia) lost the opportunity to be in the Olympic final after being paired with the pair. Kim world champion Jenny Perret and Switzerland’s Martin Rios beat 7-5 in a stressful semi-final. However, they were comforted after defeating the Norwegian pair 8-4.


Bryzgalova confessed after winning: “It is very important that we are a family, which helps us overcome defeat in the semifinals to enter the battle of bronze with determination and solidarity. We know we can win medals. It’s just bronze, but it’s very important to us. In another interview, Bryzgalova also revealed that she and her husband were forced to break up with their former coach because they always thought that couples who were husband and wife in everyday life would not be able to achieve high results.


Mixed male and female double curling content. And after getting married last year, Bryzgalova and Krushelnitsky overthrew this prejudice by winning many curling tournaments. Before the 2018 Olympic Medal, they won the gold medal at the 2016 World Championship, which earned them a ticket to attend the Winter Olympics this year.