Curling sport and facts you need to know

Curling started playing in Russia 150 years ago, is one of the oldest sports. This is called “stone on ice”. Curling is contested within the scope of a 42.06m long, 4.75m wide rectangular ice rink similar to Bowling’s bowling ground. At the two ends of the ice field there are two blue circles, the white border, the red border and the white center with the radius of 1.83m, 1.22m, 0.61m and 0.15m respectively.

The players of the two teams will stand at the top of the pitch called “Hack” to throw the weir towards the center of the “house” circle at the other end. “Hack” is the two points connecting the median line along the length and dividing the ice field into two equal parts in the following graph:
The term used in Curling is called a “stone” to call the dumbbell. It is a round stone weights about 20kg, with a handle on the top so the players lift up and throw on the ice.

Although the rule of ice-throwing is quite simple, in fact this subject requires very high precision when the players calculate coordinates and direction to throw the stone to the target position. Curling is also a subject that is thoroughly analyzed the impact of friction and the direction of rotation of the dumbbell, so it is exciting for fans to explore the natural principles of physics. Therefore, ice-throwing also requires sophisticated tactics and is also known as “ice chess”. Not only that, Curling also makes the athlete lose a lot of energy when playing. Athletes rub the ice for the sliding stone very hard and after each session can take up to two kilograms of weight.

Some terms in Curling:

-Draw: Throw a dumbbell at the “house” circle.
– Guard: Throw a dumbbell at the defensive position to protect the dumbbells of a teammate in a different position.
– Take Out: throw thymbos on the dumbbell to push out the “house”
– Sweeping: Use a brush to sweep or rub in front of the dumbbell. If the brush hit the dumbbell will be fouled.
– Come Around: a thrown form of the “Dwaw Shot” technique, putting the weights to the back of the dumbbells.
– Hurry: Meaning of the sign of team scan or rub faster, faster.
– Clean: the meaning of the sign of the team scan or rub before the position of the dumbbell.