Discover 5 Exciting Winter Sports

Winter is not only snowy and the weather is so cold that you just want to curl up in the blanket, winter also has interesting sports waiting for you to discover.

Check out the 5 favorite winter sports around the world:

1/ Figure skating

Figure skating is a sport that can be played or played by individual, couple or team. You will use figure skating shoes to slide on the ice rink. This sport consists of many different moves from easy to difficult, such as spin, jump, figure, etc. In order to skate proficiently, you will need time to practice and many times falling on the pitch, but the feeling of surfing on skates is worth giving up.

2/ Snow skiing

Snow skiing,  also known as Skiing, is a popular outdoor sport in winter. This sport is often played in hilly areas. As an outdoor sport and skiing in the alpine area, there are also potential hazards. So in addition to these two basic applications are two skis on the snow and two struts (poles) to navigate, the player must also equip other devices such as boots, jackets, gloves, eyewear, headwear, etc. From the skiing, a number of other similar sports have been invented: Ski jumping, Cross – Country skiing, Biathlon, Speed ​​skiing, etc.

3/ Ice hockey

Ice hockey is a competitive sport similar to football played on ice (rink). The two teams compete on the field with 6 players per team and include a goalkeeper. Basic equipment of players including jock, skates, helmet, shoulder protection, seat lumbar and shin (shoulder pads, elbow pads, shin pads), etc. The goal will be calculated when the player uses his club to bring the ball (puck) into the opponent’s net.

4/ Curling

Curling, also is known as Soccer, is a very exciting winter sport. Two teams with four people on each side will participate in the tournament (sheet). The main purpose of this sport is to slide a ball of stones on stones to a target point. One member will be tasked with pushing the marble ball while the other two members will be equipped with a curling brush to rub the ice face to guide the marble.

5/ Bobsled/Bobsleigh

Bobsled/Bobsleigh is a sleigh sport with a participation of 2 to 4 people. The sledge will be pushed on a narrow, steep icy track and many bends. Teams will utilize gravity to move sleds. The shorter the time to complete a race, the greater the chance of winning. So the speed of sleds is often very large, can reach 100km/h.