Learn About Curling At The 2014 Sochi Olympics

An interesting and very long-standing sport in Russia will be competed at the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics as Curling (Ice Kick or Ice Sledge).

Curling is begun playing in Russia 150 years ago, one of the oldest sports. This subject is called Ice Ball or Threshing on ice.

Curling is competed within the scope of a rectangular ice rink 42.06m long, 4.75m wide, similar to the bowling floor of Bowling. At the ends of the ice rink are two blue outline circles, white border, red border and white focus with the circles of 1.83m, 1.22m, 0.61m and 0.15m respectively. The players of the two teams will stand at the top of the field called “Hack” to throw a weight at the center of the “house” circle on the other side of the field. “Hack” is two points connecting the median line along the length and dividing the ice field into two equal parts.

The dumbbell used in Curling called “Stone” is a round stone slab weighing about 20kg, with handles on the upper surface for players to lift weights and throw on ice.

Although looking through the form of the weightlifting game on ice is quite simple, but in fact this subject requires a very high level of accuracy whenever the players calculate the coordinates and directions to coordinate with throwing the arm to bring the dumbbell to its target position. Curling is also a subject to be thoroughly analyzed about the impact of friction and the direction of rotation of the dumb bells, making it more interesting for fans to understand the natural principles of matter.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho curling

Therefore, ice-throwing on the ice also needs sophisticated tactics and is also known as “ice chess“. Not only that, curling also makes athletes lose energy quite a lot. Athletes rubbing ice for ice cubes are very hard and after each training session it can take up to two kilograms of weight.

Preparing Curling runways is also complicated. On the completed runway, people spray tiny particles with geometric accuracy so that the athlete can grind the ice cube. Each stone weighs 20 kg.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho curling

Currently in Russia the curling subject is actively developing. In the country there are many curling clubs, where anyone can learn to play this great sport. In 1873 in Moscow opened the first curling club of Russia, a branch of the Curling club from Scotland.