Learn interesting things about curling sports

Curling is the sport derived from the game of using flat grinding stones to throw on ice in the 15th century in Scotland.

Naturally, this is a very popular entertainment in the winter and then becomes a sport. The historical records still record the results of the oldest ice fighting matches that took place on the outskirts of Glasgow in February 1541. Although there is no evidence of the origin of the name curling but in printed documents in Scotland in 1630 used this name when referring to the sports of weightlifting on ice. In addition, while throwing sledge on ice is an outdoor sport that is widely popular in Scotland from about the 16th century to the 19th century, but the main rules about the rules of barbell throws are now being made set up in Canada.

Curling ice is one of the most popular winter sports in Europe and America, competing between two teams in the form of each team taking turns throwing marble dumbbells on the ice. On the center of a circle called house, the team that throws the dumbbell closer to the center will be scored. Each team has 4 people and is thrown 8 times in one round. After going through 10 specified rounds, the team with the highest total score will be the winner.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho curling sports

Although looking through the form of the weightlifting game on ice is quite simple, but in fact this subject requires a very high level of accuracy whenever the players calculate the coordinates and directions to coordinate with throwing the arm to bring the dumbbell to its target position. Therefore, ice-throwing on the ice also needs sophisticated tactics and is also known as “ice chess”.

Curling is competed within the scope of a rectangular ice rink 42.06m long, 4.75m wide, similar to the bowling floor of Bowling. At the ends of the ice rink are two blue outline circles, white border, red border and white focus with the circles of 1.83m, 1.22m, 0.61m and 0.15m respectively. The players of the two teams will stand at the top of the field called “Hack” to throw a weight at the center of the “house” circle on the other side of the field. “Hack” is two points connecting the median line along the length and dividing the ice field into two equal parts.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho curling sports

The dumbbell used in curling is called “Stone” is a circular stone of about 20kg, with handles on the upper surface for players to lift weights and throw on ice