Premier League and Olympic: Staggering similarities

Sochi Winter Olympics have officially ended and so far, when we look back on this event, we see a mix of winter sports and football.

They think that there are players and coaches in the Premier League that have the qualities and characteristics that are suitable for ice and snow sports. Metro conducted an analysis and humorfully selected the typical faces that they think are likely to win gold at the Winter Olympics.

Tummy skating – Ashley Cole

Metro assesses Chelsea defender can fit many competitions at the Winter Olympics including skating. “Only playing in the Premier League 2 games this season, Cole has shown dizzying speed, so it is very suitable for skating”, Metro said.


Slalom skiing – Mesut Oezil

Arsenal’s record signing, Mesut Oezil has started the season could not be better with the assist, the goal to bring the Gunners sublimated. But recently he has fallen miserably and has been criticized badly after a failed penalty in the defeat to Bayern Munich. Metro said that the decline in form accompanied by criticism made Oezil suitable for slalom (downhill skiing with obstacles).


Speed ​​skating – West Ham United club

Jose Mourinho has criticized the negative defense as the 19th century coach Sam Allardyce is applying to West Ham. Metro judged that after 12 relegations in history, if played like that, West Ham would run a circle like speed skating.


Figure skating – Jose Mourinho


The monopoly of sports newspaper pages over the past two weeks by unlike anyone else, Metro rated Jose Mourinho as the master of the whirlpool (the term in sport has the same meaning with the spin of sliding art tape).

Curling – Robin van Persie

Metro judged that Robin van Persie’s goals in the Premier League showed his great speed and ability to turn around. Those swings are very suitable for a curling player.

Sleds (double) – Luis Suarez and Daniel Sturridge

Double track roller skating is a sport that requires the coordination and attention to the details of two players. Just a little negligence can cause an accident. In terms of match criteria in the competition, Metro evaluated that no pair of players can overcome Luis Suarez and Daniel Sturridge this season.