Schaffhausen, Switzerland to host the LGT World Curling Women’s Championship 2021

LGT 2021 World Women’s Hair Curling Championship will be held at the ice arena at the KSS Sports Complex in Schaffhausen, Switzerland from Saturday 20 to Sunday, March 28.

This event will be the last women’s world championship before the 2022 Winter Olympic Games in Beijing, China, so the important Olympic points will be provided to competing member associations.


This is the first time a winding world championship will be held at Schaffhausen, located in northern Switzerland, near the German border and only 30 minutes from Zurich. This will also be the tenth time Switzerland hosts the twisty world championship – for women or men – with the final Women’s event in 2001 in Lausanne.

In total, Switzerland has organized 20 world curling events so far – across all women, men, mixes, wheelchairs and junior subjects – and an additional 11 European championships.

Kate Caithness, President of the World Curling Federation, said that: “Switzerland is the current hair-bending champion in the world, and with the extensive knowledge of organizing international curling events, I was happy to confirm that Schaffhausen is the host of the LGT World Women Curling Championship 2021”.


“The last world event before the Olympic Winter Games always brings excitement and excitement to all teams competing for their place at the top of the Curling competition. I look forward to working with the organizers at Schaffhausen in the coming years as they prepare to organize a first-class event for our athletes and supporters”.

Reto Dubach, the president of the organizers, said: “We are proud to host this world championship and really want to make it a memorable event for athletes, spectators and the whole area.” Schaffhausen area. It is important for us to organize this store event as those traveling to Schaffhausen feel to be integrated with local people and culture.

The Curling Championship Arena LGT World Women 2021 will be held in 2010. It is mainly used for ice hockey and figure skating and provides space for up to 1,200 spectators. The wider sports complex offers the ideal space for championship infrastructure and hotel packages.


Schaffhausen is one of the best preserved medieval towns in Switzerland. Among the treasures from various eras are Munot Fortress, Allerheiligen Monastery and countless magnificent old houses.

A highlight in the immediate vicinity of Schaffhausen is the Rhine waterfall, the largest and most impressive waterfall in Europe.

Switzerland held the World Women’s Curling Championship four times before. Only once was it held alone, in Geneva in 1982. In Geneva in 1993, in Berne in 1997 and Lausanne in 2001, it was held together with the World Curling Championship.