What do you know about curling sports?

Curling or also known as ice balls on ice (or throwing dumbbells on ice). This is a sport that sounds strange, but it has grown in European countries for a long time.

It is one of the official games of the Olympics. This is a sport where players have to slide on ice to push stones to the target area (including 4 predefined concentric circles). Just imagine, its play is a bit like playing billiards. This sport requires teammates to coordinate well, with strategies that go well and flexibly with the situation, in order to score.

This sport really does not determine where it came from, but it is said to have come from Scotland. People here play this sport for entertainment. The Scottish people used to play it near the lake and took advantage of pebbles made of stone marbles.

Today, during the Olympic Games, people use a stone sled instead of pebbles. At first glance, it seems that the subject is quite easy to play, but grasping for the ball is a problem. And the reason is not everywhere can play this game because of yard conditions. And it depends on the weather of that country.

How to play Curling – stone ball on ice:

Two teams join (4 people per team). Each person takes turns sliding heavy granite marbles to a predetermined position (which contains 4 concentric circles).

Points will be accumulated for each push. The closer to the heart, the higher the score. The game will end when a team throws off their soccer balls. Teams must calculate to win by the following methods:

– Push your dumbbells as close to the smallest circle as possible

– Use your dumbbells to push the opponent’s flying dumbbells away

When the ball is pushed up, the remaining members follow the stone, using brooms to rub the pitch when the ball is running. This action aims to guide the marble to the right target. The game is difficult at the step of shaping the path of the ball, so it requires close coordination.