Super Rugby calls for removal when the Australian team did not shoot again

There are calls for Australia to cut Super Rugby Team after just one side, Brumbies, made the playoffs this season.

This occurred just two years after Western forces pass, but it looks like Australia don’t have enough depth to support even four Super Rugby teams rather than not to mention the year.

Brumbies have won Conference titles in Australia for the third time in four years, ensuring a home quarter-final with South African team, the Sharks, on Saturday night. Frankly speaking, the Brumbies are the only Australian team to look like playoff material.


Both the Melbourne rebels and Waratah of both have mathematical chances to reach the top 8 in the final round last week, but has been the opposition of New Zealand beat and ended on 11 and 12. The fourth Australian team, the Queensland reds, second, only behind the Sunwolves of Japan, who will be eliminated from the competition after next season.

A lot of things can be done to improve the Super Rugby team in Australia, such as the identification and training of talent better, but the result showed Australia needed a kind of money. Australia could not afford to take four teams, especially with players emigrated to Europe and Japan continue to weaken the line play. When Australia expanded into Perth (2006) and Melbourne (2011), it has ignored the trend towards Australian players overseas.

Looking back, maybe not wise when two more Super Rugby teams at the time of the Australian players start leaving our shores. The trickle has become a flood and no sign of it will soon decline.

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It is not just the number of players to leave, that is the quality. It is just Wallabies veteran at the end of their test careers have rich deals in Europe, but now the Wallabies as Samu, Kerevi and Adam Coleman are leaving their fun life. Will not be able to imagine cutting the Waratahs or reds. NSW and Queensland is the State Football Center. Between them, they produced the majority of professional players in Australia and has the support of the company and the public, at least when they are performing well.

Australia will have no choice other than to cut the Brumbies or the rebels. Because of these reasons, this is not ideal. Australia needed three Super Rugby teams are highly competitive to arouse concern in the game at the provincial level and to provide a solid foundation for the Wallabies, but also need to hold the Brumbies and Melbourne.

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With two Super Rugby titles in their trophy cabinet, the Brumbies are Australia’s most successful team in the history of the competition and their brand is famous around the world, but they are based in a city of only 400,000 people. It is a mystery how the Brumbies not only persisted, but also developing, in a population so small and the presence of limited companies.

The rebels, on the other hand, has a history of big spending, but offers very little. But Melbourne has tremendous potential to grow the game in a city of five million inhabitants. Instead of cutting the Brumbies or Rebels, the Australian Rugby League should see the model Super Rugby franchise of New Zealand as a feasible option to reduce the number of teams. Brumbies and the rebels can merge to form a new franchise in South-Eastern Australia, play the game at home in Canberra and Melbourne. Brumbies valuable brand, will be retained, while the game can continue to grow in a market potentially highly lucrative, yet largely untapped in Melbourne.

The axis of the force has led to an improvement in only four Super Rugby Team rest of Australia. The main beneficiaries from the departure of the force as the rebels, who have most of their players and their coach, Dave Wessels, and lift themselves from the last position of the table.

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One of the other categories is required to make all Australian Super Rugby teams Superby competition. Australia need at least two teams to the playoffs every year, not only to boost the profile of Super Rugby, but also help preparing the Wallabies for the Rugby test.

Will be very sad to see Brumbies go and waste when take a growth market as Melbourne. If Australia under New Zealand’s franchise model, it could have all three Super Rugby team capable of competing and high market will provide the platform for Australia’s rugby development in and off the pitch.