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Top Ten Amazing Facts About Curling (part 4)

8. Politeness is required Politeness and good sportsmanship are a very important part of curling, that is known as the “Spirit of Curling.” Teams often congratulate opponents for smart strategy and good shots, while players are discouraged from trash-talking each other. In addition, conceding is also an acceptable part of

Curling Canada announces sweeping changes to game

Curling Canada’s return-to-play guidelines during the spread of the novel coronavirus include notable alterations to sweeping and player positioning on the sheet, all part of protecting physical distancing for the 2020-21 season. The recommendations, part of a document released on Monday, have been made so that two teammates aren’t hunched

3 official sports of the Winter Olympic

The Winter Olympics is a sporting event that takes place every four years, always two years after the Summer Olympic Games. The Winter Olympics involve sports that are mostly played on snow or ice and are usually held during the winter. The Winter Olympics have been held by eleven different