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Timmins to host 2022 National youth curling championship

After the COVID-19 pandemic canceled two attempts to bring the under-18 national championship to Curling Canada in northern Ontario, the federation announced that Timmins had signed up to host the event in February 2022. Teams of girls and boys will compete in a week-long event at the McIntyre Community Center

Top Ten Amazing Facts About Curling (part 4)

8. Politeness is required Politeness and good sportsmanship are a very important part of curling, that is known as the “Spirit of Curling.” Teams often congratulate opponents for smart strategy and good shots, while players are discouraged from trash-talking each other. In addition, conceding is also an acceptable part of

Schaffhausen, Switzerland to host the LGT World Curling Women’s Championship 2021

LGT 2021 World Women’s Hair Curling Championship will be held at the ice arena at the KSS Sports Complex in Schaffhausen, Switzerland from Saturday 20 to Sunday, March 28. This event will be the last women’s world championship before the 2022 Winter Olympic Games in Beijing, China, so the important

A new sport named car curling in Russia

Competition with the famous football game in Scotland, recently in Russia appeared a new sport, meaning and quite interesting. It has received positive feedback from the people. And this sport named Car Curling. This strange pusher comes from Russia, inspired by the famous ice ball sport at winter sports conferences.

Russian athletes were stripped of the Winter Olympic medal because of doping

Alexander Krushelnitsky was stripped of the Bronze Medal after the test results of a member of the team who were in charge of curling on the ice ball. “We acknowledge the athlete’s doping test results are positive for meldonium, we will return the medal”, said a representative of the Russian