2019 Canadian Curling Club Championships Headed To Leduc, Alta

Canadian curling facilities will be held alongside the country’s top stars when the Canadian Curling Club Championship is held in Leduc, Alta.

The 11th annual Canadian Curling Club Championship, bringing the elite national championship experience to Canada’s top club managers, will take place November 25-30 at the Club. Curling set in Leduc and will take place with the Canadian Cup Cup 2019 at the adjacent Sobey Arena – parts of Leduc Entertainment Center. The Canadian hardware cup will take place from November 27 to December 1 and will have six top male teams and six top women’s teams in the country.

Meanwhile, 14 men’s teams and 14 women’s teams from the Canadian Curling Association – 10 provinces, three territories and Northern Ontario – will compete for the Canadian Curling Club Championship in Leduc.

The Canadian Curling Club Championship is an extremely important event because they give club riders the opportunity to play on the national stage, and you can see the annual thrill of athletes They are on the ice rink, Maureen Miller, Canadian Board Chairman of Curling. Having the opportunity to introduce these curlers along with the Canadian Hardware Canada Cup will make the Canadian Club Championship 2019 a truly unique event and Leduc will do very well to organize championships.

Curling Club Championship Canada is for entertainers, club managers who do not have the time or resources to play at high performance levels. This event gives curlers a thrilling opportunity to represent their province or territory on the national stage.


Jill Richard, CEO of Curling Alberta said, this is an event of passion for curling across Canada, because it goes straight to the base of the game – club managers have the same dream like the national players. They were happy the first time they went to the Canadian Curling Club Championship to Alberta and they knew Leduc would be ready to make these athletes and their friends and family feel at home.

The club also participated in the 2013 South Canadian Championship, when they were the Canadian Mixed Championship in 1994 and the Canadian Men’s and Women’s Championship in 1991.


Leduc said Led Leduc was very excited and excited to host the Canadian Curling Club Championship and the Canadian Hardware Cup this winter. Investing in sports is something they are passionate about, and these are events like this that show our community spirit and community spirit. They are very grateful to be the host city, and they can wait for them to go to events, athletes, coaches, family and friends.