Top 5 most popular sports in Canada

With almost cold weather all year round, Canadians love to participate in sports activities to cope with the cold and enhance their physicality.

Therefore, this country is not only known for its cultural diversity but also for its variety of sports, which is clearly reflected in the world sports village when Canada ranks among the top ranking countries every Olympic period. Here are the 5 most played subjects in this North American country.


Hockey is the most popular sport in Canada, this is the official national sport in Canada trained to develop domestic and international competitions. Canada’s Hockey team called the National Hockey League (NHL) was established extensively in both Canada and the United States. Currently Canada has many famous couples in the NHL such as Calgary, Edmonton, Montreal, Toronto, Winnipeg and Ottawa.



Basketball is a team sport invented by a Canadian named James Naismith in 1891. This is the foundation for the development of professional basketball sport in the world today. The official basketball sports authority in Canada was founded by Canada Basketball – founded in 1928. Since 1900 basketball has been played throughout the country and is still attracting much attention. Participants, many talented young players are trained and trained to compete professionally in the international arena.



King sport was popular in Canada many years ago. Although the Canadian football law has many unique rules, the main rules of this sport are maintained. Canada’s first football game took place in Toronto in October 1876 between two local football teams. Although not as popular as football in Europe, but the Canadian women’s football team still has many remarkable achievements in international exams. In 2015, Canada hosted the FIFA Women World Cup and achieved a lot of success.



Rugby started in England then British troops along with settlers and a Royal Navy division brought the sport to Canada in 1823. With a long history active, up to now Canada has become one of the strongest countries in football competitions in the world. Thanks to the national training certification programs that helped Canadian rugby sports grow stronger.



Curling is one of the top 5 popular sports in Canada. To play this sport, there must be two teams, each consisting of four people, each using a stick to push the stone marbles on the ice surface towards the destination. From the beginning of the 19th century, in 1807 the first Curling club in Canada was established. Both men and women can participate in this sport, so it’s understandable that Curling is one of the most popular women’s sports on TV.